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Founded in 1990, PuroClean® is one of those rare businesses with a low cost of entry and almost limitless growth potential.  What do they do? “We handle water damage, fire damage, mold, biohazards, for both residential and commercial businesses,” says Tim Courtney, vice president of franchise operations at PuroClean®. “We take stuff that’s wet and we make it dry; we take things that are dirty and make them clean.”


Tim Courtney
Tim Courtney VP

Leaders in the restoration space, PuroClean franchises are heavily recession-resistant businesses. “Our services are not the kind of thing that people can afford to do without. You must fix water or fire damage in your home,” says Courtney. “As a mortgage holder, you are obligated to make the repairs.”  And since 80 to 90% of the jobs are covered by insurance, PuroClean franchises get paid!


Today, the Insurance Claims Industry is over 210 billion dollars, and the majority of the claims paid out are for water damage, followed by losses related to fire, wind, mold, and biohazards — the heart of the restoration business. Surprisingly, weather-driven events such as hurricanes, known as “surge events” in the industry, are considered bonus business instead of a primary revenue source for most franchisees.

We take stuff that’s wet and we make it dry; we take things that are dirty and make them clean.

What Can You Make?

Average system-wide sales are $779,000, and the top 10% of franchises hit $2.6 million in gross sales. Excellent numbers, but they are made even more impressive by the low cost of entry.


All in, including franchise fee, equipment, and 6 months of operating capital, the total investment for a PuroClean franchise is roughly $200,000, and much of this can be financed through the company’s 3rd party partners.


Investment Needed

  • Initial Franchise Fee $50,000
  • Vehicle  $46,000
  • Equipment Package  $52,000
  • Initial Operating Capital  $50,000
  • Royalties 10 -3% (Sliding Sale based on Sales)

Building Your Business, Choosing Your Lifestyle

PuroClean stresses that franchisees should have a “fully managed business,” which means that they will train you to build a business that can sustain itself and while allowing  you to take vacations and spend more time with the family.While you might start your PuroClean adventure doing some hands-on work, using the skills you learn at the PuroClean Academy, ultimately, they want you to become an executive owner, having mastered the different levels of the business through PuroClean’s patented levels program.


You’ll spend more of your time growing the business by reaching out to independent insurance companies and referral sources such as contractors, roofers and plumbers. Add that business to the national accounts PuroClean’s business development’s specialists bring in, and you’ll have the ideal workload balance (70% local and 30% national) to keep your business growing robustly.

Our franchisees call themselves superheroes. They strap on their capes, and go help folks in their time of need.


Franchisees spend 3 weeks in Fort Lauderdale at the PuroClean Academy going through orientation, then a week learning how to use state-of-the-art tools such as dryers, dehumidifying, deodorizing, disinfecting and mold abatement equipment on a certified Applied Structural Drying facility, an  actual house built to code, but filled with 40,000 gallons of water prior to training. When franchisees emerge from the training, they have been officially certified by IICRC in three areas of restoration. The third week of the training is devoted to sales and marketing.


What Makes A Successful Franchisee?

  • According to Tim Courtney, the best franchisees are enthusiastic people who value achievement and challenge themselves as leaders, and they come from all walks of life:

firefighters – first-responders – corporate officers – insurance agents – property managers – plumbers – realtors – military veterans …… are common backgrounds.


Also, PuroClean franchisees are very diverse. PuroClean has a very strong group of women franchise owners, as well as  immigrant entrepreneurs

Immigrant Ownership

Immigrants are roughly 5% of new franchisees at present, and have done very well at PuroClean,  They typically come from communities that prefer not to work with outsiders, giving them preferred access to a growing and increasingly prosperous market. Also,  just like military veterans, immigrants are very hard-working and are determined to realize their dreams of financial independence.

In Brief & More Information

The Opportunity

  • Property damage occurs daily in every city across the country.
  • Property owners file claims with their insurance companies who then refer and pay a professional property restoration company, such as PuroClean, to restore and clean up the damage.
  • More than 50,000 water damage property losses along with $21.6 million lost to fire damage every day in the US.
  • PuroClean is the leading & fastest growing company in the industry.


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