How Scheduling Software Helps Small Businesses Thrive

Scheduling Software Helps Small Businesses Increase Productivity & Maximize Profits – Find Out How The Fiscal Policy Institute’s Immigration Research Center conducted a study of businesses with fewer than 100 employees to determine how many businesses are owned by those who came to America from abroad. They also wanted to determine what types of businesses […]

8 Commonsense Ways for Building Value in Your Company 3

8 Great Ways to Build Value in Your Company – And Score a BIG Payoff

Hard work, common sense and a commitment to customer service can build tremendous value in a company – and potentially lead to a very big payoff. Overview Ten years ago, two brothers from South Africa came to America looking to make it in the music business. After studying at Boston’s fabled Berklee College of Music, Gary […]

Rytech Builds a Recession-Proof Business

Water Damage – A $60 Billion Opportunity

Saving Homes from Water Damage and Mold, Rytech Franchise Builds a Recession-Proof Business When thinking about franchising opportunities, or business opportunities in general, Rytech Inc. is probably not the first company that comes to mind. But if your home suffers any kind of water damage—busted pipes, a leaky roof, flooding from rain, sewage backups—then to […]

Fuse American Culture with Your Own to Succeed

Reema Khan: Fusing Cultures to Create Success

Immigrant entrepreneur Reema Khan explains how she combined her Indian culture with America’s to create a successful business. After getting an MBA and a good accounting job in America, Reema Khan was laid off in an economic downturn. Rather than look for something else, she started her own company, And what better business to target […]

Immigrant Entrepreneur: Want to Succeed? Don't Lose Your Accent

Immigrant Entrepreneur: Want to Succeed? Don’t Lose Your Accent

One leading immigrant entrepreneur has some simple (and powerful) advice for other immigrants dreaming of starting their own successful business: Don’t hide your accent. In a wide-ranging interview with Fortune magazine, Ido Leffler, 38, who has co-founded a trio of businesses: Cheeky, a tableware company,  Yes To Inc., a natural beauty-care company, and the school […]

Advisory Board Context Media

Success Strategy: Why You Need An Advisory Board

Context Media’s Shradha Agarwal discusses why the startup assembled its own group of advisors. When Shradha Agarwal and her two co-founders launched Context Media in 2006, they were still undergraduates at Northwestern University. So it was clear to Agarwal, who had just moved from India to attend school in Chicago, and her colleagues, that they […]

Work Smarter, Not Longer: Lessons Learned from America's Taco Shop 1

Work Smarter, Not Longer: 4 Key Success Strategies for Food Franchises

America Bortin, CEO of America’s Taco Store, shares 4 key strategies on how she grew her small store into one of the fastest growing food franchises in the U.S. We recently spoke with America and Terry Bortin, founders of multi million dollar America’s Taco Shop franchise, who talked about growing their business and shared these […]

5 Lessons Learned from an Immigrant Entrepreneur 1

5 Lessons Learned from an Immigrant Entrepreneur

To succeed as a manager, you must find balance in everything you do, from finances, recruitment, dealing with investors, and empowering your staff. In a recent interview with the editors of Immigrant Business, Roberto Ortega, CEO of KLA Schools in Miami, revealed some of the most important lessons he, and his wife Candaleria, KLA’s Director of […]