Bringing Your Business In the Cloud 1

Bringing Your Business In the Cloud

Small business owners are discovering the value of bring their business in the cloud. Using cloud services has helped them control the bottom line and allow them to concentrate on growing their businesses. Today’s entrepreneurs have too much on their plates. They want to be focused on marketing their products and services, but increasingly they’re forced […]

How to Make Data Security a Business Asset

How to Make Data Security a Business Asset

In today’s digital world, data has become the universal currency for almost all transactions.  To pay for goods and services, we exchange information about our finances and ourselves. While this virtual world offers us extraordinary new conveniences, there are dangers lurking there as well. What happens when this sensitive data falls into the wrong hands? […]

WiFi HotSpots Benefit Business

WiFi HotSpots Benefit Business

In today’s world we’re all about being connected. It has been found that business that having WiFi HotSpots benefit business. Customers tend to stay longer and in-turn spend more money. Using fast Internet connectivity to help keep customers inside your business is a huge advantage in today’s competitive environment. WiFi HotSpots: The Small Business Advantage […]

Is Your Internet Fast Enough to Keep Up With the Competition? 1

Is Your Internet Fast Enough to Keep Up With the Competition?

Today we take the Internet for granted. But when running a small business, this can be a huge mistake. It’s important to make sure you have internet fast enough to keep up with the competition. Lightning-fast Internet has become a critical tool for staying connected to customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees. So, losing connectivity, […]

Immigrants: America's Next Mobile Tech Opportunity

Immigrants: America’s Next Mobile Tech Opportunity

Immigrants are heavier users of mobile technology than the overall U.S. population Immigrants are more robust, interactive users of mobile communications than the overall US population. So says a recent study by The Welcoming Center For New Pennsylvanians. The study, entitled Digital Diaspora, surveyed immigrant adults in Philadelphia and documented their use of mobile technology. […]