On The Road Again 2

On The Road To A $63 Billion Opportunity

  Grease Monkey and SpeeDee Offer Franchisees a Classic $63 Billion Business Opportunity   The image is pure Americana—a man and his car, grease and tools, fixin’ and fine-tunin’. In the nation’s mythology, working on the car may be the favorite weekend activity. But in some ways that’s all it is: mythology.   In reality, the […]

Escape to Prosperity: How a Cambodian Refugee Created an $8 Million Franchise

Escape To Prosperity: Refugee Creates 1300 American Jobs

Ty Lav’s family escaped Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge uprising with only the clothes on their backs, but in the years following, America has proved to be not just a refuge, but a land of opportunity and salvation. For Ty Lav’s family, coming to America was literally a matter of life and death. Cambodians of Chinese ancestry, […]


‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ Helps Immigrants Succeed In Real Estate

The ‘We Buy Ugly Houses®’ franchise helps entrepreneurs move into real estate “We Buy Ugly Houses®.” You’ve seen that slogan, which is up on billboards and other advertising platforms around the country. It’s catchy, fun and provocative. But as a business strategy, it’s also hugely effective—and the basis for a very successful franchising model. HomeVestors […]

CMIT Solutions 4

CMIT Solutions – Helping Immigrants Tap Into A $668 Billion Opportunity

CMIT Solutions Keeps America’s Small Businesses Running Immigrant entrepreneurs and the tech industry have done well by each other. Many companies launched by new Americans are globally dominant (think eBay and Google), but there are tens of thousands of others with similar immigrant origins and innovation. Meanwhile, as many reports on Immigrant Business can attest, […]

Green Card 101: Everything You Need to Know

Green Card 101: Everything You Need to Know

Immigrant Business is pleased to share this essential Immigration information from Lacroix Ramos, Attorneys at Law, LLP: You finally received your green card! Congratulations! This is one of the biggest steps toward being able to legally live and work in the United States. This might be the last step for you, if you want to […]