Meet The Waffle Master of NYC 3

Meet The Waffle Master of NYC

Immigrant Business Statistics: Name: Thomas DeGeest Country of Origin: Belgium Emigrated to the U.S.: 1997 Launched W&D: 2007 Annual Revenue: $5 million Jobs Created: 100   Thomas DeGeest traded in his six-figure IBM job, escaped PowerPoint hell and followed his dream of bringing authentic Belgian waffles to the streets of New York City. Thomas DeGeest had a six-figure job at IBM when […]

Crowdfunding’s Pros and Cons for Immigrant Startups

Crowdfunding is hot right now, but is it right for you? Learn crowdfunding’s pros and cons in this revealing interview with Evan Cohen, a top executive of Indiegogo. Immigrant Business:  Indiegogo has become one the of the top three crowdfunding sites on the web in a few short years. How did it get started? Cohen. Basically, our three […]

Immigrants Create Billions For The US

By: Foulis Peacock Immigrants in the U.S. are 2x as likely to start businesses as their native counterparts generating at least $1 trillion in annual sales revenue, per the New American Economy (NAE). Driving the news: Immigration critics frequently assert that immigrants are more “likely to use public benefit programs” — positioning them as a burden on […]

Russian Immigrant Creates $80M Health Food Empire 1

Russian Immigrant Creates $130M Health Food Empire

Russian immigrant Michael Smolyansky found inspiration in a childhood drink. Today, his son Edward and daughter Julie (pictured above) lead a food empire with $130 million in annual revenue. Michael Smolyansky came to Chicago in the 1970s from the Soviet Union, a young man with a dream common to many immigrants coming to the U.S.—the chance […]


‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ Helps Immigrants Succeed In Real Estate

The ‘We Buy Ugly Houses®’ franchise helps entrepreneurs move into real estate “We Buy Ugly Houses®.” You’ve seen that slogan, which is up on billboards and other advertising platforms around the country. It’s catchy, fun and provocative. But as a business strategy, it’s also hugely effective—and the basis for a very successful franchising model. HomeVestors […]

Secure Your Future with a Signal 88 Franchise

WATCH – CEO of Signal 88 explains opportunity in the $44 Billion private security industry Watch CEO Reed Nyffeler explains the extraordinary growth of Signal 88 in the US’s rapidly growing $44 Billion private security industry, including what it takes to succeed as a franchisee. And as you’ll see, Nyffeler is passionate about working with immigrant […]