WiFi HotSpots Benefit Business

WiFi HotSpots Benefit Business

In today’s world we’re all about being connected. It has been found that business that having WiFi HotSpots benefit business. Customers tend to stay longer and in-turn spend more money. Using fast Internet connectivity to help keep customers inside your business is a huge advantage in today’s competitive environment.

WiFi HotSpots: The Small Business Advantage

The age of 24/7 connectivity has arrived, and people expect to be connected all the time. With the increasingly complex and competitive business environment, there are more entrepreneurs, more self-employed, more freelancers, and there’s more flextime for those in traditional jobs. In other words, people are no longer chained to their office desks. But wherever they go, they expect to be able to talk with clients, access their email, and work on proposals. And it’s no different in their personal lives; they want to be in touch with their friends and family through text and email 24/7 as well.

Being afraid of the dark

That’s why businesses, whether they’re big national brands with thousands of outlets, or small businesses with one location, find it imperative to offer connectivity when their customers are on the premises.  Going dark —getting no signal on one’s cell phone or tablet — is simply not acceptable for today’s consumers whether they’re just shopping or having lunch with colleagues, and steep mobile data charges add up fast. So it’s no wonder that some national brands, such as a well-known chain of coffeehouses, promote the fact that they offer free and fast Internet access.

With free WiFi, customers not only stay longer, they buy more products and services too

Keeping Customers in the Store

This connectivity comes through a WiFi Hotspot which, in turn, enables the business to offer a free WiFi connection to patrons. And for small businesses that want to keep customers inside, it can be a huge business advantage. Free WiFi keeps their customers feeling secure that they won’t miss an important email or meeting while dining or shopping. Most importantly, recent research shows that with free WiFi customers not only stay longer, they buy more products and services too.


Today’s Easy and Affordable WiFi

Installing a WiFi Hotspot is no longer a daunting proposition.  If you choose a recognized provider such as Time Warner Cable Business Class, it will install a robust turnkey solution and have it up and running in only a few hours. And best of all, TWC WiFi Hotspot is free to all TWCBC customers that subscribe to its Business Internet services.

Plus, you won’t need to hire an IT support team (which most small companies have trouble fitting into the budget); expert installation and local technical support comes from the service provider free of charge.

How a WiFi Hotspot Benefits the Bottom Line

Imagine owning a restaurant that’s in a commercial district—there are offices in high-rises all around, and lunchtime is very busy. Customers dart in and out because they need to get back to work. Now picture a big sign outside that says “Free WiFi.” Those busy businesspeople no longer have to run back to their desks; they can come in, sign in and keep ordering. They can have full-scale business meetings, with staff sitting around the table and others connected via videoconference.

Without WiFi, your restaurant is like a NASCAR pit stop: a place to run in, refuel and run out again as quickly as possible. With a high-bandwidth Internet connection, however, pit row is turned into an oasis, a place to be productive without the distractions of passing colleagues and phones ringing off the hook. And of course, this scenario can be played out in many kinds of businesses, from law firms to nail salons.

The competitive advantage of WiFi hotspots

There are other advantages as well. For example, depending on industry type and location, existing TWCBC Business Internet customers may be able to set up a TWC WiFi Hotspot for free. And in addition to getting free equipment, installation and dedicated support, they can also set up a branded WiFi welcome portal, redirect customers to their own business website and display complimentary advertising materials.

Most people think they’re always online, but they’re not. Having a WiFi Hotspot makes that access real, and for businesses looking to stand out, it can be a huge competitive advantage.

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