Chinese Artist Finds Success in the United States, You Can Too!

Chinese Artist Finds Success in the United States, You Can Too!

Hung Liu immigrated to America in 1984 with less than $20 in her pocket. She found success in the United States and today Hung’s artwork is collected around the world; her prints and paintings can sell for as much as $100,000.

Hung Liu’s work can be found in numerous art galleries around the world, which shows how fantastically successful she is. Hung Liu pulls her stunning imagery from Chinese culture and history, both ancient and contemporary. She is able to bridge the past to the present with paintings of antique Chinese concubines for example.  They are depicted in a modern painting style, which includes drips of paint intentionally left on the canvas and the use of contemporary mediums like resin.

Although not blatantly political, Hung Liu’s work is certainly the product of a free thinker. Her depictions of the recent Chinese earthquake, for example, are Lucian Freud-like in their intense realism.

Truth and beauty are qualities not usually associated with Chinese communist society. Under the Maoist government, artists like Hung Liu would be assigned how and what to paint. Could Hung Liu have found such success had she stayed in China? My guess is absolutely not.

It is here in the United States where Hung Liu has found the freedom of expression needed to execute her work—that being hundreds and hundreds of beautiful paintings, most of which are sold.

I cannot encourage the reader enough to look further at Hung Liu’s beautiful work. See the following links:

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