Immigrants Create Billions For The US

By: Foulis Peacock Immigrants in the U.S. are 2x as likely to start businesses as their native counterparts generating at least $1 trillion in annual sales revenue, per the New American Economy (NAE). Driving the news: Immigration critics frequently assert that immigrants are more “likely to use public benefit programs” — positioning them as a burden on […]

Accelerating Growth of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in New Jersey 2

Accelerating Growth of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in New Jersey

  New Jersey’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is helping to create a new generation of entrepreneurs with a program to accelerate the inclusion of  recent immigrants into the business community   Hispanic Entrepreneur Training Program The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCCNJ) has created a groundbreaking program to help create new business owners among the approximately […]

Meet New Jersey's Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year 1

Celebrating New Jersey’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

New Jersey’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs Contribution Recognized. NJIEA, a broad-based coalition of New Jersey businesses and trade organizations recently celebrated immigrant entrepreneurship with their fourth annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards on November 2, 2016.   The Awards program was created to recognize and honor the past and present contributions of immigrant business owners in the State of New […]