Salon Rentals – A New & Rapidly Growing Franchise Opportunity

Watch how Phenix Salon Suites – the leader in the Health, Beauty & Wellness Salon rental business – is revolutionizing the beauty & health industry – and creating opportunities for franchisees. Help find locations for new facilities and leasing Assist in securing construction financing Assist in finding tenants Ongoing training opportunities to help with retention Dedicated […]

Become a Superhero in Your Community

Join PuroClean® the “Paramedics of Property Damage”   Founded in 1990, PuroClean® is one of those rare businesses with a low cost of entry and almost limitless growth potential.  What do they do? “We handle water damage, fire damage, mold, biohazards, for both residential and commercial businesses,” says Tim Courtney, vice president of franchise operations at […]

Secure Your Future with a Signal 88 Franchise

WATCH – CEO of Signal 88 explains opportunity in the $44 Billion private security industry Watch CEO Reed Nyffeler explains the extraordinary growth of Signal 88 in the US’s rapidly growing $44 Billion private security industry, including what it takes to succeed as a franchisee. And as you’ll see, Nyffeler is passionate about working with immigrant […]

Retro Fitnesss, the Home Town Gym Poised for Explosive Growth

Retro Fitness has cornered the market in the critical high-value, low-cost sector, and is about to launch into an unprecedented surge of growth around the country.   Watch for details.   Key Points: Franchise – High-value, low-cost gyms covering wide demographic needs Business Focus – Membership plus ancillary revenue streams Market Size – $32 billion domestically […]

Immigrants' Daughter Finds Her Bliss With Travel Franchise 1

Immigrants’ Daughter Finds Her Bliss Booking Dream Vacations

Doing what you really love out of the comfort of your own home sounds too good to be true, but this daughter of immigrants, has created a thriving business doing just that! Aggie Batista was born and raised in New York City, but comes from a classic immigrant family. Her mother, a member of a […]

Slimming Down Health Clubs Creates Revenue Bonanza

Slimming Down Health Clubs Creates Revenue Bonanza

Embracing “less is more,” veteran health club owners launched a runaway success with more intimate and convenient clubs with fewer frills, but more personal attention Industry Overview The global fitness industry in the United States continues to grow steadily, now estimated at $7.1 billion in annual revenue, spurred by 1 million new users joining health […]

Next Generation of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Rides Franchising Wave to Prosperity 1

Next Generation of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Rides Franchising Wave to Prosperity

Millionaire Immigrant entrepreneurs from India pass down their entrepreneurial spirit to their children who , like their parents, are using franchising to add to the family’s wealth Overview When the Patel family left India for America in 1977, they were farmers from a small village near Mumbai with a total of $700 in their pockets.   They settled […]

Franchise Provides Income, Purpose and Ideal Lifestyle 6

Franchise Provides Income, Purpose and Ideal Lifestyle

Immigrant Business Statistics/Name: Kanchila Kay /Country of Origin: India/Immigrated: 1995/Business: Kumon Center of Levittown NY / Founded: 2011/ Jobs Created: 14 (part-time)/ Annual Revenue: $200,000 Kanchila Kay moved to the United States from India twenty years ago to go to college. She took a practical degree in business and got a well-paying job as a chief accountant for an […]

Franchise Creates Global Revolution in K-12  Education 5

Kumon Creates Global Revolution in K-12 Education

Education for K-12 students has become a political battleground, and parents are worrying whether their children are learning anything in this contentious environment. Are they being prepared for college and adult life? And if not, who’s going to do something about it? Overview For an increasing number of parents both in the US and abroad, […]