Finding a Loan When Banks Drag Their Heels

How to Find a Loan When Banks Drag Their Heels

After months of searching for financing, one Indian immigrant found funding through Intuit’s Loan Finder. Last year Khush Hans realized he had to do something about his company’s cash flow. Because of rising fuel prices, the customers patronizing his five ARCO gas stations and convenience stores had started to cut back on purchases of higher-margin items or […]

NYC Finances Immigrant Startups with $120 Million Fund 1

NYC Finances Immigrant Startups with $120 Million Fund

Immigrant entrepreneurs are a key part of NYC’s economy and corporate leaders have contributed millions to help new businesses grow After a successful career in investment banking in New York and London, in 1999 Maria Gotsch joined the Partnership for New York, where today she administers the Partnership Fund for New York City, a capital pool of roughly […]

Immpreneur's Guide To Credit

Manage Your Credit to Live the American Dream

Of all the ingredients in a successful business, access to credit is the most frequently overlooked. Credit is, quite simply, the engine that builds big businesses out of start-ups, and makes the American dream possible.   “How far your business goes often depends on how well you manage your credit.” Do you have to establish […]

Top Ten Things Immigrants Need to Know About Angel Investors

Angel Investors: Top 10 Things Every Immigrant Needs to Know

Is an angel investor right for your business? When start-ups are too big for friends and family, but not big enough to attract venture capital, they turn to private investors called angels to take their companies to the next level. 1. What is Angel Investing? Angels are private investors who will give you startup money […]

The Seven Keys to Raising Start-up Money

The Seven Keys to Raising Start-up Money

Immigrant entrepreneur Aziz Makhani parlayed common assets like savings, sweat equity, friendship and enthusiasm into the realization of a special dream — to teach American kids how to play world-class soccer. Like many immigrant entrepreneurs, Aziz Makhani didn’t need millions of dollars to launch his big idea. To make KickShot, his soccer board game, a […]

Five Steps to Build Credit in the U.S.

Five Steps to Build Credit in the U.S.

The importance of credit in building new businesses, and what you should know before you borrow money. We provide a step-by-step instruction on the various ways you can establish credit. 1) Establish your personal credit. “For a new business, it’s your personal credit that matters,” said Chris Dlugozima, a certified consumer credit counselor at the […]