An Immigrant's Pipeline to Success 7

An Immigrant’s Pipeline to Success

Indo-Brit immigrant builds $10 million business unblocking drains. Here’s how he did it in 10 years. Fueled by his “immigrant mentality,” Patrick Patel become the owner of: Four Southern California hotels A disaster restoration business Construction company Multi-million dollar plumbing business – in just 10 years since arriving in the US. Immigrant Statistics Name: Patrick […]

Ameritel 4

Opportunities With T-Mobile’s Biggest Distributor

Hardwired for Success: The Ameritel Story 20 years ago it was one store selling pagers; today, T-Mobile’s biggest distributor has 3,500-plus outlets offering wireless services These are hard times for the retail industry. Many famous chains are already gone, and it gets worse every day. Teen favorite Rue21 just filed for bankruptcy, Michael Kors is […]

Dwyer Group and the Trillion Dollar Opportunity for Immigrants 5

Dwyer Group and the Trillion Dollar Opportunity for Immigrants

Franchising opportunities for immigrant entrepreneurs are expanding rapidly. Here’s a closer look at The Dwyer Group, which has 2,100 franchises operating across North America and system-wide sales of $1.3 billion annually. Market America’s 115 million households buy more than a trillion dollars in services every year, and this enterprising franchise company has developed ten different ways immigrant entrepreneurs can get […]