Why PuroClean? Insights From An Owner

Franchise Buyer, Diego Melians, Explains Why He Chose PuroClean. Diego Melians highlights what attracted him to the PuroClean opportunity and how the company’s culture and support enabled him to build a successful, thriving business. He also gives his own advice to prospective franchise owners thinking about joining PuroClean’s network of successful franchisees. Learn More About The […]

Immigrants Create Billions For The US

By: Immigrant Business, editorial team Immigrants in the U.S. are 2x as likely to start businesses as their native counterparts generating at least $1 trillion in annual sales revenue, per the New American Economy (NAE). Driving the news: President Trump recently issued an immigration rule that targets legal immigrants “who are likely to use public benefit […]

How Scheduling Software Helps Small Businesses Thrive

Scheduling Software Helps Small Businesses Increase Productivity & Maximize Profits – Find Out How The Fiscal Policy Institute’s Immigration Research Center conducted a study of businesses with fewer than 100 employees to determine how many businesses are owned by those who came to America from abroad. They also wanted to determine what types of businesses […]

8 Commonsense Ways for Building Value in Your Company 3

8 Great Ways to Build Value in Your Company – And Score a BIG Payoff

Hard work, common sense and a commitment to customer service can build tremendous value in a company – and potentially lead to a very big payoff. Overview Ten years ago, two brothers from South Africa came to America looking to make it in the music business. After studying at Boston’s fabled Berklee College of Music, Gary […]

Rytech Builds a Recession-Proof Business

Water Damage – A $60 Billion Opportunity

Saving Homes from Water Damage and Mold, Rytech Franchise Builds a Recession-Proof Business When thinking about franchising opportunities, or business opportunities in general, Rytech Inc. is probably not the first company that comes to mind. But if your home suffers any kind of water damage—busted pipes, a leaky roof, flooding from rain, sewage backups—then to […]

CMIT Solutions 4

CMIT Solutions – Helping Immigrants Tap Into A $668 Billion Opportunity

CMIT Solutions Keeps America’s Small Businesses Running Immigrant entrepreneurs and the tech industry have done well by each other. Many companies launched by new Americans are globally dominant (think eBay and Google), but there are tens of thousands of others with similar immigrant origins and innovation. Meanwhile, as many reports on Immigrant Business can attest, […]

Cleveland Study Highlights Positive Economic Impact of Immigrants 1

Immigrants Revitalizing America’s Heartland

While Trump continues his assault on immigrants (from “shithole” countries and all points west – but not north), recent data shows the immense economic value that immigrants from ALL parts of the world have on the U.S. economy. Numerous studies posted by Immigrant Business in the past have already highlighted similar data, but a stunning new […]

Russian Immigrant Creates $80M Health Food Empire 1

Russian Immigrant Creates $130M Health Food Empire

Russian immigrant Michael Smolyansky found inspiration in a childhood drink. Today, his son Edward and daughter Julie (pictured above) lead a food empire with $130 million in annual revenue. Michael Smolyansky came to Chicago in the 1970s from the Soviet Union, a young man with a dream common to many immigrants coming to the U.S.—the chance […]

The Seven Keys to Raising Start-up Money

The Seven Keys to Raising Start-up Money

Immigrant entrepreneur Aziz Makhani parlayed common assets like savings, sweat equity, friendship and enthusiasm into the realization of a special dream — to teach American kids how to play world-class soccer. Like many immigrant entrepreneurs, Aziz Makhani didn’t need millions of dollars to launch his big idea. To make KickShot, his soccer board game, a […]

Lemons into Lemonade 2

Immigrant Entrepreneur Finds Success with The UPS Store: ‘A Business That Won’t Go Away’

Name: Naresh Bhatt; Country of Origin: India; Immigrated to US: 1993; Franchise Name: The UPS Store; Launched: 2007; Franchises Owned: 8; Estimated Annual Revenue: $4million: Jobs Created: 40 Sometimes the worst thing that happens turns out to be one of the best. After 12 years with his employer, Naresh Bhatt lost his well-paying job during […]