Wake Up, Trump! Here’s How to Really Make America Great Again 1

Wake Up, Trump! Here’s How to Really Make America Great Again

This Post Has Been Updated Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination for President in a combative speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, slamming immigrants while linking them to rising crime rates and taking away jobs from American citizens. Trump also echoed his campaign’s controversial promise to build a wall on the […]

Simulation Training and the German man who Created a $5 Million Company 3

Simulation Training and the German man who Created a $5 Million Company

Immigrant Business Statistics  Name: Bjorn Billhardt Country of Origin: Germany Immigrated: 1994  Founded Enspire: 2001 Jobs Created: 30 Annual Revenue: $5 million   German exchange student falls in love with America, and returns to found a multi-million dollar company building innovative products for Fortune 500 companies. Overview Bjorn Billhardt’s first experience of America came as a teenager when he arrived from Germany as […]

Nashville is the South's Most Welcoming City for Immigrant Entrepreneurs 3

Nashville is the South’s Most Welcoming City for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Once known primarily for country music, today’s Nashville is a vibrant metropolis whose growing economy and diverse culture are attracting people and businesses from around the world Overview Today’s Nashville is one of the fastest growing and economically diverse cities in the United States, and while it’s identification with tourism and the entertainment business remain strong, the […]

Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Drive New York City Economy 1

Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Drive New York City Economy

Generations of immigrants have helped make New York a cultural and economic beacon for the nation and the rest of the world. “Immigrant entrepreneurs create jobs and wealth for Americans” – Foulis Peacock, Immpreneur The founder of Immpreneur, Foulis Peacock, an immigrant from the U.K., sums up their spirit when he says, “Immigrant entrepreneurs are […]

Immigrants Next Big Opportunity in Mobile Technology

Immigrants Next Big Opportunity in Mobile Technology

Immigrants in America could find their next big business opportunity in mobile technology. Immigrants are heavier users of mobile technology than the overall U.S. population. Immigrants are more robust, interactive users of mobile communications than the overall US population. So says a recent study by The Welcoming Center For New Pennsylvanians. The study, entitled Digital Diaspora, […]

Kauffman 2013 Report

The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity is a leading indicator of new business creation in the United States. Capturing new business owners in their first month of significant business activity, this measure provides the earliest documentation of new business development across the country. The percentage of the adult, non-business-owner population that starts a business each […]

SBA Report on the Positive Contributions of Immigrant Business Owners

According to Census 2000, immigrants constitute 12.2 percent of the total U.S. work force, and 12.5 percent of the total population of U.S. business owners. The total business income generated by immigrant business owners is $67 billion, representing 11.6 percent of all business income in the United States. Immigrant business ownership is geographically concentrated in […]

Foreign Born Entrepreneurs: An Underestimated American Resource

Although immigration in the united States has been the subject of hot policy debates in recent years, one group of immigrants has been virtually absent from those discussions—skilled immigrants who become entrepreneurs. Foreign born entrepreneurs are an underestimated American Resource. I have led a series of research studies that show that foreign born entrepreneurs have brought […]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Big Cities

Immigrant entrepreneurs have emerged as key engines of growth for big cities from New York to Los Angeles—and with a little planning and support, they could provide an even bigger economic boost in the future. As the stakes of economic competition grow ever-high in America’s cities, mayors have sought to kick-start local economies by embracing everything […]

Scholar Honored for Groundbreaking Research in Entrepreneurship

William R. Kerr, a Harvard University Associate Professor in Entrepreneurial Management has been awarded the coveted Kauffman Medal for his research in entrepreneurship. William R. Kerr has just been awarded the 2013 Ewing Marion Kauffman Prize Medal for Distinguished Research in Entrepreneurship for his research on the role of immigrant scientists in technology. Kerr is […]