British Artist Finds New Meaning in the New World

British Artist Finds New Meaning in the New World

Sculptor Garth Evans has enjoyed international success from the NYC area for the last thirty years after he found new meaning in the new world.

Garth Evans first came to the U.S. as an art teacher and enjoyed his freedom here so much that he never went home. Born in Wales after the Second World War, Garth grew up in a working class family in which the idea of becoming an artist was quite foreign.

It was not until he came to the U.S. in 1979 that he was able to explore new meaning through his work. As a result Garth has enjoyed international success for the last thirty years. During this time he has been Head of Sculpture at the New York Studio School and currently exhibits his work at theJohannes Vogt Gallery in New York City.

His sculpture was on view last year at the Tate British in London. As the show was entitled; The Space Between, Garth has not only found new meaning, but has reached greater heights than even he may have anticipated so long ago.

For more information regarding Garth Evans’ work, contact the Johannes Vogt Gallery, NYC.

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