Immigrants Guide to Trump's Travel Ban 1

New Information – Immigrants Guide To Trump’s Travel Ban

Ten proven strategies and tactics that you can use to deal with the Trump administration’s travel ban for Muslim countries In the time since Donald Trump took the oath of office as President of the United States, the world has been turned upside down, and the Constitution, the spine that holds the  Republic together, has become merely a […]

Trump Doubles Down

Trump Surges, But Is He Waffling on Immigration?

UPDATED: Though his campaign rallies have increasingly turned violent, Donald Trump’s big wins in a slew of recent primaries drew him even closer to the GOP nomination, and giving him less and less incentive to scale back his incendiary rhetoric on immigration and immigrants.  Lost on almost no one is that fact that his campaign […]

Trump, Clinton Win Big, Rubio Out

Trump, Clinton Win Big, Rubio Out

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored big presidential primary wins on Tuesday, winning a slew of crucial states to expand their delegate leads and move both front-runners even closer to their party nominations. But the night wasn’t a total triumph for Trump, who scored big wins in the Republican presidential primaries in Illinois, North Carolina, […]

Trump Attacked GOP debate immigration reform

Latest Debate A “Disaster” For GOP?

In a two-hour showdown in Detroit, the hopefuls for the GOP nomination once again locked horns on the debate stage, and after another highly contentious, insult-riddled night the general consensus seemed to point to a clear winner — Hillary Clinton. In the Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Continetti summed up the bizarre Fox News-sponsored spectacle — […]