The Seven Keys to Raising Start-up Money

The Seven Keys to Raising Start-up Money

Immigrant entrepreneur Aziz Makhani parlayed common assets like savings, sweat equity, friendship and enthusiasm into the realization of a special dream — to teach American kids how to play world-class soccer. Like many immigrant entrepreneurs, Aziz Makhani didn’t need millions of dollars to launch his big idea. To make KickShot, his soccer board game, a […]

Green Card 101: Everything You Need to Know

Green Card 101: Everything You Need to Know

Immigrant Business is pleased to share this essential Immigration information from Lacroix Ramos, Attorneys at Law, LLP: You finally received your green card! Congratulations! This is one of the biggest steps toward being able to legally live and work in the United States. This might be the last step for you, if you want to […]

Seven Steps to Selling Your Company 1

Forbes List is Rich With Immigrant Entrepreneurs

An increasing number of entrepreneurs that make the prestigious Forbes 400 list are immigrants, and these immigrant-founded businesses are bringing jobs and opportunity to American workers. Forbes recently featured some of these highly successful immigrant entrepreneurs in a cover story encouraging immigrants to keep believing in the American dream. “For all the political bombast about […]

Memories of Hunger Drives Immigrant to Succeed 1

Memories of Hunger Drives Immigrant to Succeed

 Name: Mike Gelfgot; Country of Origin: Uzbekistan; Immigrated to US: 1993; Franchise Name: Anytime Fitness; Launched: 2010; Franchises Owned: 23; Estimated Annual Revenue: $9.8 million: Jobs Created: 200   As a child in Soviet Uzbekistan, Mike Gelfgot had to steal food to help his family survive, and he’s used those painful memories to drive him […]

Immigrants' Daughter Finds Her Bliss With Travel Franchise 1

Immigrants’ Daughter Finds Her Bliss Booking Dream Vacations

Doing what you really love out of the comfort of your own home sounds too good to be true, but this daughter of immigrants, has created a thriving business doing just that! Aggie Batista was born and raised in New York City, but comes from a classic immigrant family. Her mother, a member of a […]

Cruise Your Way to Financial Success and Indepence 1

Cruise Your Way to Success and Independence

Now you can own a piece of the $4 billion cruise industry — the hottest segment in travel – as it ramps up for even bigger growth. And the cost of entry to this life changing opportunity is remarkably affordable. Industry Overview The cruise industry in the United States has grown 68% in the last […]

Irresistible Cookies Key to Success for Immigrant Entrepreneur 2

Irresistible Cookies Key to Success for Immigrant Entrepreneur

Name: Masood Kasim; Country of Origin: Pakistant; Immigrated to US: 1981; Franchise Name:Nestlé® Toll House® Café by Chip®; Launched: 2009; Franchises Owned: 3; Estimated Annual Revenue: $1.5 million: Jobs Created: 25 Pakistani immigrant combines the power of an international brand and attention to detail into million dollar business Overview Masood Kasim immigrated from Pakistan to the United […]

Basketball's Bangalore Whiz Breaks Into the Big Time 2

American Basketball Inspires Bangalore Whiz to Create $5 Million Biz

Immigrant Entrepreneur: Vasu Kulkarni | Country of Origin: India | Emigrated to US: 2004 | Founded Krossover: 2008 | Annual Revenue: $5 million | Jobs Created: 20 full time, 800 part time Combining a love of basketball and a knowledge of technology, Vasu Kulkarni is transforming the lives of coaches and their players with his […]

Recipe for Success 2

Recipe for Success: Immigrant’s Family Tradition Fills Niche Market

For Yiorgos Samios, his Greek heritage, a job as a waiter and a fortuitous sojourn at a tavern while touring his native country were all ingredients in his recipe for entrepreneurial inspiration. It all started nine years ago, while on a visit to see his father in New York City. There, Samios fell in love […]

Next Generation of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Rides Franchising Wave to Prosperity 1

Next Generation of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Rides Franchising Wave to Prosperity

Millionaire Immigrant entrepreneurs from India pass down their entrepreneurial spirit to their children who , like their parents, are using franchising to add to the family’s wealth Overview When the Patel family left India for America in 1977, they were farmers from a small village near Mumbai with a total of $700 in their pockets.   They settled […]