Immigrants Guide to Trump's Travel Ban 1

New Information – Immigrants Guide To Trump’s Travel Ban

Ten proven strategies and tactics that you can use to deal with the Trump administration’s travel ban for Muslim countries In the time since Donald Trump took the oath of office as President of the United States, the world has been turned upside down, and the Constitution, the spine that holds the  Republic together, has become merely a […]

Next Generation of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Rides Franchising Wave to Prosperity 1

Next Generation of Immigrant Entrepreneurs Rides Franchising Wave to Prosperity

Millionaire Immigrant entrepreneurs from India pass down their entrepreneurial spirit to their children who , like their parents, are using franchising to add to the family’s wealth Overview When the Patel family left India for America in 1977, they were farmers from a small village near Mumbai with a total of $700 in their pockets.   They settled […]

Franchise Provides Income, Purpose and Ideal Lifestyle 6

Franchise Provides Income, Purpose and Ideal Lifestyle

Immigrant Business Statistics/Name: Kanchila Kay /Country of Origin: India/Immigrated: 1995/Business: Kumon Center of Levittown NY / Founded: 2011/ Jobs Created: 14 (part-time)/ Annual Revenue: $200,000 Kanchila Kay moved to the United States from India twenty years ago to go to college. She took a practical degree in business and got a well-paying job as a chief accountant for an […]

Franchise Creates Global Revolution in K-12  Education 5

Kumon Creates Global Revolution in K-12 Education

Education for K-12 students has become a political battleground, and parents are worrying whether their children are learning anything in this contentious environment. Are they being prepared for college and adult life? And if not, who’s going to do something about it? Overview For an increasing number of parents both in the US and abroad, […]

Meet New Jersey's Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year 1

Celebrating New Jersey’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

New Jersey’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs Contribution Recognized. NJIEA, a broad-based coalition of New Jersey businesses and trade organizations recently celebrated immigrant entrepreneurship with their fourth annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards on November 2, 2016.   The Awards program was created to recognize and honor the past and present contributions of immigrant business owners in the State of New […]

Five Ways to Create a Winning Team 1

Create a $30 Million Success! 5 Ways to Build Winning Teams

Immigrant entrepreneur Eric Roudi built a $30 million business by combining integrated services and franchising, but he has positioned his company for new levels of growth by focusing on building great teams working toward tightly aligned goals. Overview As the founder and CEO of OpenWorks, Eric Roudi has learned many important lessons throughout his 30 […]

Immigrant Worth Ethic and Modern Marketing Create Success 5

American Dream: Turkish Family Builds Thriving New Jersey Business

Immigrant Business Statistics: Name: Nadir. Country of Origin: Turkey. Immigrated to US: 1996; Business name: Green Branch Cleaners. Location: Branchburg, NJ. Launched: 2014. Annual Revenue: $200,000. How an immigrant family in New Jersey took the classic route to the American Dream, working long hours, saving their money so they could buy their own business, and then […]

How To Win Government Contracts

4 Steps to Winning Lucrative Government Contracts

Immigrant entrepreneurs, earn government contracts in this step-by-step plan from the experts and learn to take your business to the next level! Immigrant entrepreneur Lloyd Hawthorne launched his Bronx-based Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery in New York City in 1989, turning it into a successful, nationwide franchisor selling popular Jamaican fare. But his first really big […]

Getting to "Hot Yes" Through Crowdfunding 3

Immigrant Uses Crowdfunding to Launch US Product

Immigrant entrepreneur from UK uses crowdfunding to fund product launch. During his business career, Seymour Segnit chased a lot of opportunities, 17  by his own count. “They say the average millionaire has had 17 failures before they make it. Well, I absolutely haven’t made it big… but I think I’ve done the 17 failures,” says Segnit with self-deprecating […]

An Immigrant's Pipeline to Success 7

An Immigrant’s Pipeline to Success

Indo-Brit immigrant builds $10 million business unblocking drains. Here’s how he did it in 10 years. Fueled by his “immigrant mentality,” Patrick Patel become the owner of: Four Southern California hotels A disaster restoration business Construction company Multi-million dollar plumbing business – in just 10 years since arriving in the US. Immigrant Statistics Name: Patrick […]